Biography About Dzanar Abbas-Zade

Dzanar Abbas-Zade, age 35, from The Netherlands, was raised by a creative family. His father is a painter and sculptor and his mother is an architect. After discovering graphic design at age 15, he graduated from the Graphic Design school in Zwolle, Netherlands. With over 19 years of experience, he has been hired by leading names in the music industry such as G-Eazy, Akon, Chris Brown, Ed Sheeran, Kesha, Jeremy Renner, Riff Raff to produce visual designs – alongside being responsible for the full digital brand experience of Sam Feldt. People tend to live through juxtapositions and Dzanar is no exception to that.

An extrovert by day and an introvert by night, his art reflects those same patterns and makes him uniquely versatile yet familiar to all. After experiencing the glow of neon signs for the first time as a youngster, his future endeavors made him aware of his calling in life. A heightened sense of synesthesia enabled him to disassemble music and construct art accordingly. Although neon lights are quintessentially retro, his love for futurism is what drives him through the digital age.

A 21st-century mentality made him the artist he is today without losing his youthful outlook on life, something he strives to deliver to his clientele and the audience that comes with it. Tropical is one way to describe his art and it shows. As pure as sunsets and a laidback island lifestyle can be, it’s not without love that it makes it a whole and his works reflect that to the core. His love for art, music, and people as well as a strong sense of sustainability gives a sense of urgency to his work.